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last nights episode

Who saw last nights episode?

I enjoyed it! I dont remember anyone's name or anything, but it made me feel better about the way i wanna raise my own kids!

any thoughts on the ep?

Im pretty religious so I agreed on most of the southern cali family's way of raising their kids. I hate when people like the switched mom say that it makes the kids like robots and stuff who cant think for themselves... I wanted to punch her through the screen! Oooh goodness! I mean look at how HER kids acted! It was like they had to pull their morals outta thin air cuz their parents werent guiding them!

bah makes me angry!

haha..anywho... thoughts?
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I'm not really religious or anything like that, but I did find the southern cali mother to be fun. Then again, I also liked how the other mother related to her kids, they could tell their mother anything without fear of being reprimanded for their actions. However, I do think that she should've put some boundaries on what photos her eldest daughter(who's 20 or 21 years old)can post on the internet though.

Personally, I agreed with the mom from either North or South Carolina about how her kids are being raised a little more than I did the sourthern cali family. What I got from it was that if I were to raise my own children similar to the way the mom from either North or South Carolina raised her children, the right way to go about it is that boundaries need to be set within the family's easygoing ways.
I like that Cartman icon, btw. :)
I missed the last part of the episode! What happened to Nugget??