ebrake (ebrake) wrote in wifeswap,

wow a wifeswap community!


this community needs to be revived!

ALlow me to write about how i felt on last weeks episode:

my favorite quote?

"I feel that all food should be loved, and Im not feeling the love from this food"

hahah! Oooh goodness! Thats not a direct quote but pretty darn close!

This episode went pretty well... sure there were a few arguments here and there, but not as many as ive seen in the past. Im only a relatively recent watcher of the show, so this might have been a repeat or something... but eh... id never seen it so who cares!

They did a good job, switching Mrs. Couchpotato and Mrs. Gym-membership, but the families went withthe rules pretty well.

I like it better when theres more arguments.... maybe its the redneck side of me that wants to see Springer-esque table talks, but when there are hugs at the end from teh couples to each other I feel like I was jipped outta good tv...lol

I hope you all who are in this community take my lead and write about the next episode!
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