ebrake (ebrake) wrote in wifeswap,

last nights episode on ABC

I watched wifeswap last night. I have no idea if these are reruns or new episodes cuz Im kinda new at being a fan, but it was a good one!

I LOVE how they can get such opposite people... its awesome

Morals came up in this ep too:

1. Don't judge by appearance *like baptist mom did to rocker family*
2. being too laid back can mess up your kids schooling efforts *i.e. if you homeschool your kids make sure its done appropriatly*
3. bieng too uptight will make your kids hate you *like baptist moms daughter*

im sure there are more... im just still tired... so thats all i can think of right now!

any other opinions?
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I liked this one too! Normally the "fundie" family is portrayed as close-minded, but I liked how the SC mom actually came around and tried to see beyond their clothes. There wasn't a big ol' "feminist" rant over how men should be doing the housework, but the rocker mom got her point across to Britney nicely, rather than the normal big culture clash that usually takes place.

Plus, they both learned a lot, though I get the feeling SC dad was a bit too set in his ways to change very much . . .